Arizona Emu Oil Products

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Some of the Many Benefits of Emu Oil are...

bulletRelief of sunburn pain
bulletRelieve contact dermatitis
bulletRelieves itching and burning of athletes foot
bulletPrevent and lessen keloids
bulletRelieve pain of arthritis
bulletDiminish acne inflamation
bulletReduces age spots
bulletDiminish fine lines and stretch marks
bulletAids in chiropractic and massage therapy
bulletRelieves diaper rash
bulletRelieves sport related injuries
bulletSoftens callused feet
bulletRelieves shin splits
bulletRelieves tired muscles


A product of nature dating back thousands of years to Australia where the Aborigines of the outback use it as a natural healing remedy in their daily lives. Modern day research shows that emu oil contains two exceptional active ingredients that enable it to be used as an effective topical pharmaceutical. The Linolenic acid inherently contained in the oil provides relief from sore muscles and joint pain while the Oleic acid provides a local anti-inflammatory effect. The penetrating effect oil may be related to its non-phosphorous composition, according to oil researcher Allen Strickland of Alabama.

Uses For Emu Oil

As an analgesic, emu oil can be effective as a rub for relief from muscle soreness or bruising. You may find relief withinn fifteen minutes. Further improvement of joint flexibility may be attained with continued use over time.

Burns, skin grafts and wounds emu oil can ease the pain of a burn. Burns have also been found to heal faster with application of emu oil and with less scarring.

As a skin conditioner, use emu oil, with or without your regular moisturizer, to condition and protect your skin from dryness.

As a skin softener, emu oil restores rough, chapped hands, elbows and feet to a soft, smooth and more youthful appearance and feel.

After shaving, use emu oil sparingly to replace skin moisture and to eliminate irritation.

As a treatment of insect bites and skin rashes, emu oil eases the itching, stinging and swelling from insect bites and also provides relief from diaper rash.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent and disease. Should allergic reactions occur, discontinue use.